"Nutrie Band" is OK just by pasting!

Supplement "NUTRIBAND" popular overseas

"Apply to the skin" supplement

"NUTRIBAND" is a patch-type supplement that is attached to the body.
NutriBand supports active power, health and beauty, and diet just by attaching it.

Supplements that need to be taken multiple times a day can be easily continued by simply applying one sheet a day.

Do you have these problems with conventional drinking supplements?

when taking supplements

It gets stuck in the throat, etc., and is difficult to swallow.

Carrying supplements is troublesome.

It is troublesome to take in the morning, evening, before meals, after meals.

Since it is food, management is necessary and troublesome.

Why choose NutriBand?

1. Reliable Made in America

NUTRIBAND is an American pharmaceutical company that manufactures products in the United States based on standards.

2. Portable and easy to manage

It is very convenient to carry and manage without the need for a medicine case.

3. No need to drink water

Even if you don't like taking supplements, you don't need to drink water.

4. Easy to use

Just stick it on. Once applied, the patch can be used for up to 6 hours.

5. Natural ingredients

Safer and healthier with natural ingredients.

Natural ingredients No preservatives No gelatin No calories

State-of-the-art technology: TECHNOLOGY

Designed to deliver 300 nanometer particles to the body

Just by pasting it, the nutritional supplements will reach your body.

The cutting-edge 3-layer structure is specially designed so that nutritional supplements can be delivered to the body just by applying it.

To cutting-edge technology

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