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Slimline Patch 30 days patch

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Support your diet effortlessly just by sticking it on. A patch of expertly formulated ingredients to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A patch that can be applied to the skin using all organic ingredients.

Contents: 30 patches (for 30 days)

Patch size: Approximately 7.6cm long x 2.5cm wide

Country of Origin: USA

How to use: Apply 1 patch daily to clean, non-hairy skin such as arms, legs, shoulders, back, pelvis, etc.

Note: Please do not eat. Please stop pasting on the face, head, and pubic area. If you feel any abnormality in your physical condition during use, consult a doctor. Avoid high temperature and humidity and store at room temperature. Do not use for children under the age of 12.

スリムラインパッチ(Slimline Patch) 30日分 貼るパッチ
Slimline Patch 30 days patch Sale price$49.00
エナジーパッチ(Energy Patch):貼るサプリ・貼るパッチのニュートリーバンド(Nutriband)

Popular overseas “sticker supplements”

"NUTRIBAND" is a patch-type supplement that "sticks to the skin". NutriBand supports active power, health and beauty, and diet just by attaching it.


Do you have these problems with conventional drinking supplements?

When taking supplements, it gets stuck in the throat or is difficult to swallow. Difficult to carry supplements. Troublesome to take in the morning, evening, before and after meals.


"Nutrie Band" is OK just by pasting!

Stick-on! Supplements that are popular overseas, and supplements that need to be taken multiple times a day can be easily continued with just one patch a day. "Apply to the skin" supplement

アメリカ製 :貼るサプリ・貼るパッチのニュートリーバンド(Nutriband)

made in usa

NUTRIBAND is an American pharmaceutical company that manufactures products in the United States based on standards.


Portable and easy to manage

It is very convenient to carry and manage without the need for a medicine case.


no need to drink water

Even if you don't like taking supplements, you don't need to drink water.


Easy to use

Just stick it on. Once applied, the patch can be used for up to 6 hours.


natural ingredients

Uses natural ingredients that are good for the body. No preservatives, no gelatin, no calories


State-of-the-art 3-layer structure

Designed to deliver 300 nanometer particles to the body with a cutting-edge 3-layer structure.

PROTECTIVE BACKING KING: Waterproof function and nutritional supplements are sealed with silicone material, designed to prevent peeling off for a long time due to body movements etc. where the patch is attached.

RELEASE LINES: Preservative-free, gelatin-free, calorie-free reservoir of natural vitamins and other nutrients.

NUTRIENT ADHESIVE LAYER: A skin-friendly adhesive layer that can be applied comfortably for a long time, and strengthens the ability to perceive the skin.


Made by a pharmaceutical company.

The body-friendly natural ingredients and US FDA-approved manufacturing facility ensure safety and can be used by men and women of all ages. Acquired the US Department of Agriculture's organic farming certification mark, which requires more than 90% of the ingredients to be organic.

従来の経口タイプと比べ 体内に4倍以上届く:貼るサプリ・貼るパッチのニュートリーバンド(Nutriband)

Delivers 4 times more to the body than the conventional oral type

NutriBand is designed to deliver to the body four times more than conventional supplements.

スリムラインパッチ(Slimline Patch):貼るサプリ・貼るパッチのニュートリーバンド(Nutriband)


1 patch a day Easy diet
199 yen per day

スリムラインパッチ(Slimline Patch):貼るサプリ・貼るパッチのニュートリーバンド(Nutriband)

State-of-the-art 3-layer structure

Designed to deliver 300 nanometer particles to the body with a cutting-edge 3-layer structure.

スリムラインパッチ(Slimline Patch):貼るサプリ・貼るパッチのニュートリーバンド(Nutriband)

Recommended for

Those who want to lose weight, who do not want to continue strenuous exercise or strict dietary restrictions, who are difficult to maintain, who are too busy to exercise, who love to eat, who are not good with other supplements, and who want to become their ideal self and gain confidence. sea ​​bream

Customer reviews

Based on 46 reviews
It worked!

Recently, there has been an epidemic of coronavirus,
I have less time to exercise
I'm worried about my body shape. .
So I decided to rely on this supplement! !
I had some dietary restrictions.
I didn't do a lot of exercise because it changed a lot, but
Thanks to this supplement,
I think it looks a little different! !
I am very happy with this effect! !
It was also a great point that I almost never forget it because it is a stick type!

Easy to use

Usually, supplements are unrelated, and I didn't use them easily.
My wife and I had a high body fat percentage, so we talked about improving it.
I bought this supplement on a whim.
Since I haven't started using it yet and haven't had much time yet,
I don't see any particular effect.
I like it because it is very easy to use.
It is easy to carry and has a mark,
If you stick it in the middle of your clothes, it won't stand out.

It was safe to use!

I have tried many supplements in the past.
First purchase of this supplement! !
The product arrived quickly after purchase and I was very impressed.
Is it actually a supplement? Looking at the seal, it has a green logo and is very cute!
There are quite a few supplements that cause a rash or redness after application, but this did not happen (^_-)-☆
Therefore, it is a supplement that can be used with confidence.

It was a supplement that was easy to carry

Perhaps because I am in menopause, my body fat percentage has increased considerably year by year,
I was told by a doctor that I should improve,
I bought this after hearing that many people use supplements.
The reason I decided to use this supplement was because I was more comfortable with stick-on supplements than drink-type supplements after researching them online.
It is easy to carry and very convenient.
I can't wait to see the results of the spring health diagnosis.

Effortlessly lose weight

Due to the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, the opportunities to go outside have decreased,
At the same time, there are fewer opportunities for exercise,
I was worried about my weight and body fat percentage increasing significantly.
I consulted with a friend and he recommended this supplement.
Shipment after ordering was quite fast and it was saved.
Thank you for your quick response.
The weight you see after using it is going down, and it's effective.
Being able to lose weight effortlessly is very helpful.

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