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Energy Patch Energy Patch Paste Patch 30 days supply

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Support your active days!

Contains active ingredients to support power-up and active power.

A patch that “sticks to the skin” with all organic ingredients .

Recommended for: People who play a lot of sports, office workers who are stressed out at work, students who spend a lot of time studying, people who drive for long hours, housewives who find it difficult to do housework and childcare, people who drink a lot of alcohol.

Contents: 30 patches (30 days)

Patch size: Height approx. 7.6cm x Width approx. 2.5cm

Country of manufacture: America

How to use: Apply one patch a day to clean skin on arms, legs, shoulders, back, pelvis, and other areas with no (or little) body hair.

Caution: Please do not eat. Please do not apply it to your face, head, or genitals. If you experience any abnormalities in your physical condition while using this product, please consult your doctor. Please store at room temperature, avoiding high temperature and humidity. Do not use on children under 12 years of age.

エナジーパッチ Energy Patch | 貼るサプリ・貼るパッチのニュートリーバンド
Energy Patch Energy Patch Paste Patch 30 days supply Sale price¥6,980
エナジーパッチ(Energy Patch):貼るサプリ・貼るパッチのニュートリーバンド(Nutriband)

Popular overseas “sticker supplements”

"NUTRIBAND" is a patch-type supplement that "sticks to the skin". NutriBand supports active power, health and beauty, and diet just by attaching it.


Do you have these problems with conventional drinking supplements?

When taking supplements, it gets stuck in the throat or is difficult to swallow. Difficult to carry supplements. Troublesome to take in the morning, evening, before and after meals.


"Nutrie Band" is OK just by pasting!

Stick-on! Supplements that are popular overseas, and supplements that need to be taken multiple times a day can be easily continued with just one patch a day. "Apply to the skin" supplement

アメリカ製 :貼るサプリ・貼るパッチのニュートリーバンド(Nutriband)

made in usa

NUTRIBAND is an American pharmaceutical company that manufactures products in the United States based on standards.


Portable and easy to manage

It is very convenient to carry and manage without the need for a medicine case.


no need to drink water

Even if you don't like taking supplements, you don't need to drink water.


Easy to use

Just stick it on. Once applied, the patch can be used for up to 6 hours.


natural ingredients

Uses natural ingredients that are good for the body. No preservatives, no gelatin, no calories


State-of-the-art 3-layer structure

Designed to deliver 300 nanometer particles to the body with a cutting-edge 3-layer structure.

PROTECTIVE BACKING KING: Waterproof function and nutritional supplements are sealed with silicone material, designed to prevent peeling off for a long time due to body movements etc. where the patch is attached.

RELEASE LINES: Preservative-free, gelatin-free, calorie-free reservoir of natural vitamins and other nutrients.

NUTRIENT ADHESIVE LAYER: A skin-friendly adhesive layer that can be applied comfortably for a long time, and strengthens the ability to perceive the skin.


Made by a pharmaceutical company.

The body-friendly natural ingredients and US FDA-approved manufacturing facility ensure safety and can be used by men and women of all ages. Acquired the US Department of Agriculture's organic farming certification mark, which requires more than 90% of the ingredients to be organic.

従来の経口タイプと比べ 体内に4倍以上届く:貼るサプリ・貼るパッチのニュートリーバンド(Nutriband)

Delivers 4 times more to the body than the conventional oral type

NutriBand is designed to deliver to the body four times more than conventional supplements.

エナジーパッチ(Energy Patch):貼るサプリ・貼るパッチのニュートリーバンド(Nutriband)


1 patch per day Active Power
199 yen per day

エナジーパッチ(Energy Patch):貼るサプリ・貼るパッチのニュートリーバンド(Nutriband)

State-of-the-art 3-layer structure

Designed to deliver 300 nanometer particles to the body with a cutting-edge 3-layer structure.

エナジーパッチ(Energy Patch):貼るサプリ・貼るパッチのニュートリーバンド(Nutriband)

Recommended for

People who play a lot of sports, office workers who are stressed out at work, students who spend a lot of time studying, people who drive long hours, housewives who find housework and childcare difficult, people who drink a lot

Customer reviews

Based on 45 reviews

Originally, I was physically tired,
I didn't have a lot of things like being heavy or sluggish, but
I happened to get it from my boss at the company and use it.
So I put it on, but the lightness of my body after I got home after the company was over was completely different.
I didn't know the effect immediately after using it, but it was suddenly at night.
If I can be this effective,
I wonder if it's a great effect for those who are easy to get tired of the body,,?

easy to carry

I tried using supplements of the type to drink for the first time.
Originally, I had no interest in supplements, but
After using one of these seals from a friend,
I was so surprised by the effect that I bought one myself.
The moment I used it, my body fatigue disappeared and my body became really light.
It's a size that's easy to carry around, and I love using it.
We are also considering repeat purchases.

Easy to use

It's relatively cheap among supplements, so I thought it would be possible to continue with this in terms of price, so I decided to give it a try!
Because of my work, my life rhythm tends to be disturbed, and I sleep at dawn and wake up during the day all year round, so it's easy for me to get tired.
I often feel sick, but recently my body feels refreshed and I feel less tired (*´ー`*)
It was a happy miscalculation that my skin became less rough (*´ー`*)
I will continue to purchase it because it is easy to use.

No. 1 favorite!

I am always indebted to this supplement!
Since it is a patch type supplement,
Not bulky, easy to carry,
Supplements I always carry with me!
Of course it worked! !
I've tried other adhesive-type supplements several times,
I can't find anything good,
This is the one I used and liked the most!
It's easy to use, so even supplement beginners can feel free to use it! !

Easy to carry

As I get older, I spend more time in a daze, and since it's a job that uses my head, I was looking for something good.
Came across this supplement.
A very dramatic change! There is no such thing, but I feel like the rotation of my head is back.
Lifting up... It's not dramatic, but it feels good.
It is a supplement that you want to keep on hand.
Also, it's easier to carry than the drinking type, so I like that point quite a bit.
I will use it again and again.

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